About Us

Like many, my love of all things wood stems from my childhood. My Father had a love of, and a talent for wood.  He was a woodwork and craft teacher in the local school and in his spare time, he enjoyed creating and discovering the organic beauty that comes from working with this natural product.  ​​​​We lived in a small village on the outskirts of a country park in England, where artitsts made their living from glass blowing and making beautiful wooden dolls houses in the local heritage centre, while others shared their artisan hobbies and sold their wares to locals and visitors.  As a result my appreciation of wood and a love of traditional toys developed from an early age.  

My husband and I moved to Australia in 2005 and were blessed with our baby in 2013.  Following the arrival of our baby, our attention became focused on the quality of toys available and the shortage of traditional toys that can last a lifetime, and have the potential to become heirloom pieces for future generations.  
Born from the desire to source beautiful traditional toys to meet the needs of the youngest through to the oldest members of our community, Blossom Tree Toys provides classic toys, puzzles and games including, wooden, early learning, sensory and STEM.  Toys, puzzles and games that will provide endless hours of fun and entertainment and a lifetime of memories.
Our Philosophy
Blossom Tree Toys strive to identify and stock environmentally friendly and sustainable product options that are made using sustainable forestry, organic or recycled materials.  In addiition, we seek to achieve a carbon neutral footprint by planting a tree for each of our customers through our partnership with ecologi.
Blossom Tree (Sakura) “the essence of the moment”
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Blossom Tree Toys support local, national and global charities and provide options for you to join us in our support for those living with neurological conditions in WA, disadvantaged children across Australia and the global conservation of elephants in the wild.  Providing you with options to round up to your nearest dollar for any of the following charities at the checkout;
- Smith Family
- Save the Elephants