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Who are Steiff?
Steiff is the inventor of the teddy bear and the world's most famous soft toy company.

Margarete Steiff GmbH (Steiff), are the world-renowned manufacturer of collectibles, soft toys and children's clothing.

For over 140 years, Steiff have been the epitome of the highest quality, first-class materials, perfect design and highest safety standards.

When founder, Margarete Steiff, made the Elefäntle pincushion in 1880, she saw how the little felt elephant instantly won the affection of children and became their favourite cuddly toy. Designing and creating wonderful toys for children was the basis of her lifelong ideology and remains to this day.

Margarete Steiff's guiding principle "Only the best is good enough for children". is still the company philosophy today, and shapes the work as well as each of the products that leave their production facilities.

In 1902, Margarete's nephew Richard invented the first jointed bear, which soon adopted it‘s world-famous name "Teddy bear" inspired by Theodore Roosevelt and brought the Steiff brand its international breakthrough.

The Steiff teddy turned 120 years old in 2022 and today, Steiff continues to delight and enchant young and old in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Steiff's "Button in Ear"

One of the most recognisable trademarks in the world. This trademark stands for something special, something that is rare to find in today's fast-paced society: handwork and creativity with such strong roots that they paint a smile for the future around the world with unmistakable designs and innovative products. As such, all of the animals from their range of collectors' items are creations of complete perfection. Recognisable by the perfect workmanship, the quality of the materials, the love of detail. And by the legendary trademark: the Steiff "Button in Ear".

Perfected unique specimen

Steiff Button in Ear, Knopf im Ohr, Trademark. Characteristics which turn a brand into a legend.

The famous “Button in Ear” trademark has varying designs depending on status.

  • Steiff Yellow Tag specifies that it is a “legitimate” member of the family. Used for all unlimited articles in the normal product range, including Cuddly Animals, Pets and Farm Animals and Wild Animals. The Steiff logo is printed on the front.
  • Steiff Blue Tag. This is used from 2022 for the unlimited articles in the normal product range, including Cuddly Animals, Pets and Farm Animals and Wild Animals. The Steiff logo is printed on the front.
  • Steiff White and Red Tag is only worn by animals in the Special Limited Edition ranges. The limited edition number, the total number of articles and the year of issue are also printed on the reverse side of these tags.
  • Steiff Black and White Tag is used for limited edition articles. Items bearing this ear tag have been modelled on old Steiff products and are designated as replicas.The total number of articles produced, the limited edition number and the year of issue are printed on the reverse side of the tag. These are the members of the Steiff family with a particularly exclusive “gift” status.
  • Steiff Original Replica Tag. In recent years, Steiff replicas will still feature the black and white label on the body of the animal however, they will now also feature an exact copy of the original ear tag and button in ear. Colours will vary, depending on the tag originally worn.
  • Steiff Grey Tag. The new grey ear tag was launched in 2019 and is reserved for all Steiff Club editions.

There has been a change to the ear tag in recent times. This change affects all collectors´ items from 2015 from the replica, limited editions and unlimited classic collection. As a result products which are produced before January will still get the “old” ear tag.

New Ear Tag

Existing standard ranges have the new ear tag from January 2015. They will have an ear tag with the current Steiff logo on the front and the reference to the product group.

This print replaces the earlier one with the bear’s head and tag, and the wording “Knopf im Ohr”. The back of the ear tag remains the same.

The ear tags for children’s/baby items and the Margarete Steiff Edition are unchanged. The reason for this change to ear tags is to increase the distinction between collectors´ and the children´s/baby assortment and is based on guidelines for toys.