Did you know that cuddles are essential?  A reassuring pleasure, which creates a feeling of wellbeing. They are indispensable for a child’s proper sensory and cognitive development.  At Kaloo, we define ourselves as “Creators of Softness” and we have chosen to respond to this natural need for tenderness, love and comfort.

Kaloo has a very particular approach to a baby's specific needs in terms of stimulation and safety which are inherent in all the Kaloo creations. The innovative style together with the tactile Kaloo materials and attention to detail provides a strong sense of emotional well-being and have made Kaloo one of the foremost brands for upmarket baby gifts.

Kaloo are committed to children and the environment and ensure the strictest quality control on all products. Their toys not only look and feel amazing but also wear well and wash easily.

Over the years, Kaloo has developed an iconic collection of teddies and comforters - or doudou's as the French call them, to become a symbol of outstanding quality and high end finish, nurturing and comforting from birth and beyond.

We invite you to immerse yourself in our world of softness; generous, soothing and full of precious moments of tenderness. Let yourself be transported by the incomparable softness of our comforters and Chubby Teddies!