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Our balance bike toys are the perfect way to help develop your child’s balancing and pedaling skills. Riding a balance bike helps to prepare your toddler for riding a real bike in future, without the help of training wheels. These training tools are the perfect way to give your little ones a headstart on riding a bike. And with a lightweight yet durable body, they’re not only super safe. They’re also guaranteed to last, so you can hand them down from child to child. With adjustable, low-maintenance features, it’s the perfect tool to help foster your little one’s adventurous spirit! 

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At Blossom Tree Toys, we always stay true to our philosophy of providing durable, long-lasting kids toys made according to traditional high standards for quality. We source balance bikes from only the best and most reputable brands. Available in a wide range of colours and styles in various sizes, we carry an option for every child. Our balance bikes are not only comfortable and easy to use. They also guarantee hours of fun and stimulation for your child, in addition to the following benefits: 

  • Easy Transportation - so you can give your child the opportunity to ride wherever they please.
  • Safety - so you can rest assured knowing that your child is kept safe from harm as they learn to develop their riding skills. 
  • The Perfect Headstart - so your child can be one step closer to riding with the ‘big kids’ sooner, without having to splurge more money and time on conquering alternative bike options. 

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