Discover the Perfect Toy for Every Stage: Baby & Newborn Toys at Blossom Tree Toys

There’s a profound joy and responsibility of selecting the perfect toys for the littlest members of your family. Our carefully curated collection is designed with your child's developmental stages and safety needs at the forefront. From the gentle sensory stimulation needed by newborns to the engaging, interactive playthings that captivate growing babies, our range offers something special for every stage of infancy. Delight in our selection of high-contrast sensory toys and cuddly plush friends that are perfect for newborns exploring their new world. These simple, safe, and soothing toys are crafted from non-toxic materials, ensuring they're as safe as they are enchanting.

As your baby grows, so too does their curiosity and need for toys that challenge and engage them in new ways. Blossom Tree Toys rises to this occasion with an array of products designed to support motor skill development, cognitive learning, and language acquisition. Discover toys that encourage babies to grasp, push, pull, and explore, helping them to develop fine and gross motor skills through playful discovery. Our toys not only entertain but educate, fostering cognitive skills with simple cause-and-effect toys, and items that introduce basic words and sounds. Crafted for durability, our toys are made to withstand the rigors of playtime, ensuring that they remain safe, engaging companions for your child as they grow.

Sustainable Play for Babies and Newborns

Our commitment extends beyond providing educational and developmental toys. We embrace environmental stewardship and ethical responsibility in every product we offer. Our selection features toys made from sustainable materials, crafted by well-known and trusted brands dedicated to reducing their environmental impact. We prioritize products made from renewable resources, ensuring that our toys are not only safe for your children but also kind to the planet. By choosing brands that focus on sustainability, we help to foster a healthier environment for future generations. Our commitment to these principles means that when you choose Blossom Tree Toys, you're selecting products that reflect your values—products that support global efforts towards sustainability and ethical manufacturing. Based in Perth, Australia, and delivering anywhere in the country, Blossom Tree Toys is your trusted partner in nurturing your child's development while upholding our shared responsibility to the planet.


Baby & Newborn FAQ's

For newborns, toys should be simple, safe, and stimulating to aid in their initial development. Here are some appropriate types of toys for newborns:

Soft Toys: Soft, plush toys or soft books with various textures are great for sensory exploration. They should be easy to grasp and safe for babies to chew on.

Rattles Toys: These can help develop auditory and tactile senses. Rattles engage the baby's auditory senses with their sounds, which can be intriguing and soothing. The colours and patterns on rattles stimulate visual perception as well.

Play Mats: Play mats with different textures and activities can encourage tummy time, which is important for developing physical strength and motor skills.

Sensory Toys: Toys that stimulate the senses, such as our sensorial reef, soft blocks with different patterns, and toys that make gentle, soothing sounds, can be very engaging for newborns and help develop their sensory perception.

It's important to choose toys that are age-appropriate and free of small parts or sharp edges to ensure safety. The toys should also be easy to clean, as newborns will often explore objects by putting them in their mouth.

You can introduce toys to your newborn right from birth, but the type of toys and how they are used will change as your baby grows. Here's a guide on how to introduce toys at different stages of a newborn's development:

0-3 Months: Focus on toys that enhance visual and auditory development. High- contrast, black-and-white or brightly coloured mobiles can be hung above the crib or changing area. Soft rattles and musical toys can also be introduced for auditory stimulation. Ensure that these toys are safe for this age group, with no small parts or sharp edges.

3-6 Months: As your baby starts to explore more with their hands, you can introduce textured toys, soft blocks, and teething toys that are easy to grasp and safe to chew on. This is also a good time to introduce soft books with simple images and bright colours to encourage visual tracking and focus.

6-12 Months: As your baby becomes more mobile and starts sitting up, crawling, or even walking, you can introduce more interactive toys. This includes push-and-pull toys, simple shape sorters, and larger building blocks that encourage more active physical and problem-solving activities.

Throughout all stages, it's important to choose toys that are designed for the specific age group to ensure they are safe and beneficial for your baby's development. Always supervise playtime to ensure safety and to engage with your baby, enhancing the learning experience with social interaction.