Why Wooden Toys Are Best for Your Child

Author: Debbie Pollard   Date Posted:17 October 2022 

Wooden Toys for Kids

In a world full of electronics, video games, robots, short-lived collectibles and even some toys that are just flat out exhausting to wrap your head around, sometimes it pays to go back to basics.

The humble wooden toy has been favoured by children around the world for generations. In fact, wooden toys have been excavated from Egyptian tombs dating back to around 2000BC! Needless to say, the fact that wooden toys are still a favourite on store shelves and in kid’s toy chests today really speaks volumes about their importance and value. 

Toys play a central role in the learning and development of our children; and wooden toys in particular have remained timeless for several good reasons.

In this post, we wanted to share with you some of the reasons why wooden toys continue to be some of the best toys around for your child:

  1. They’re Safe 

    As a parent, it’s important for us to assess the safety hazards associated with any toy before giving it to our child and high quality wooden toys provide the reassurance we all look for that our child will be safe. After all, we know that there are plenty of toys out there that can be easily broken and can quickly become dangerous if they have sharp plastic edges; additionally, they can pose as a choking hazard.

    One of the many benefits of wooden toys is that they’re predictable. With a well selected wooden toy made from high quality hard wood and painted using non toxic paints or water based dye’s, we can take comfort in knowing these toys are built to last and that our little ones will be safe while enjoying endless hours of play. No need to worry about mystery chemicals or substances that could pose as a danger towards your child. Wooden toys are old-school safe, and that means that you can give them to your children (especially the younger ones) without hesitation.

  2. They’re Versatile

    Wood is such a versatile material, and we already use it to make plenty of different structures, tools and equipment. The range of wooden toys available  is extensive. So, whether your child is into building blocks, imaginative play, puzzles, or wanting to be like mum or dad, you can bet that there’ll be plenty of wooden toys to keep them happy, engaged and entertained! 

  3. They’re Eco Friendly

    Unfortunately, a lot of the ‘hottest new toys’ are made for a fast moving consumer market which results in cheaper, expendable materials being used, often cheap plastic, which is not only a material as short-lived as the latest toy trends themselves, but also one that is incredibly detrimental towards the environment as well as taking up to 500 years to decompose!. As a parent throwing a significant amount of plastic toys away over the years as they either start to wear, break or as our child grows out of them may make us question if there’s a better way?… the answer is yes!  As a parent, our world shifts a little and we may seek ways to create a healthier, more sustainable world for us and our little ones and sustainable and environmentally friendly wooden toys is a great first step.

  4. They’re Long-lasting

    Have you ever wondered why wooden toys are often names heirloom pieces? If wooden toys can still manage to hold their shape  for several centuries before being excavated, you can bet  they can withstand against plenty of playtime sessions, no matter how rough. Wooden toys made out of quality materials promise a tough and durable nature that you can count on to keep your little ones stimulated for many years to come, both for this generation and generations to come.

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