Once Kids is a sustainable toy brand started in 2014. We created Once Kids because of the gap in the market between sustainable and plastic toys. Most sustainable toys were not as “cool” as plastic toys. Consumers purchase plastic toys due to the high detail and functionality that create an advanced play experience, but most are not aware of the impact they play in our environment. Wooden toys have always had heirloom quality traits but lacked modern design and advanced functionality. 

We took that as a challenge to develop toys in a sustainable medium that were not only hip but cool to play with in today’s modern age. Toys that inspired kids to be creative. Toys that were fun, but also created awareness for the environment we live in. Toys that would build a belief in kids today.

We defined our core competencies by ONCE, which stands for Organic, Natural, Charitable, and Environmentally friendly. Organic and Natural resources are used in the creation of our products.  We selected FSC certified solid wood and bamboo as a medium for its biodegradable properties. Natural non-toxic water based paints to applicate color and bring to life.  We infuse products such as felt, recycled from plastic bottles to aid environmental cleanup.

Our toys are for both kids today or those that once were.